Ranking In Google Maps

Most Of The Known Factors For Ranking In Google Maps

  1. Your physical address matching that on your website and local/national directories
  2. Having the right industry categories assigned to your business
  3. The number of reviews and quality of the review sources
  4. Having citations for your business from quality sites on the net
  5. The authority status of the domain name/website for your business
  6. Places page filled out with pictures of staff, employees, inside and outside of your business
  7. Good service and location based keywords in your business description and title/business name

Ideally, you want to have an address right smack in the middle of the city, completely filled out and a business name that is spot on, like “Denver Hair Salon”, then go to every business directory you can find (You can find an awesome list of citations by city at MOZ.com) and get ‘NAP citations‘ at all of them.


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