Importance Of Local Map Listings

Why It Is Important To Be In The Google Map Listings

In 2013, reviews were considered to be 30% of a potential customers buying decision. Today, not having a local map listing with positive reviews can tank a once thriving local business.

  • 50% of people now use the local map service in Google to find local services
  • People are more likely to call the closest map listing near them
  • People are more likely to call the map listing with the best reviews in their local area
  • 80% of people are more likely to go with a 5 star reviewed map listing even if it is a little further away than a map listing with no reviews or less than a ‘3 star review’.
  • 3 or more stars in the reviews is enough to help the buyer continue to make the call
  • 2.9 or less stars is enough to turn a potential buyer away from their decision to buy



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