Local Google Maps & Search Ranking Service

We do a genius analysis of your business, where it’s at, where you want it to go, and then create an online advertising blueprint of how to get there. We create awesome PPC advertising campaigns in Google and Bing, help get businesses ranked above the competition in the Apple and Google map listings and also in the natural free search results for Google and Bing.

We are local to Wichita, however we get customers from all over the world. Call 316-215-7344 for a short, to-the-point Q&A if you have questions on pricing for your project.

How Much Does SEO & PPC Advertising Cost?

It depends on the competition and saturation of the market you are in. Businesses with high profit margins, like law firms or commercial loan companies, usually have the funds to hire out for SEO services and the competition there is more steep, requiring much more effort to gain rank and beat the competition.

Businesses like a nail/hair salon or handyman or moving service would do extremely well with SEO in Wichita, because industries like these have lower profit margins and very low competition, for the Wichita area, which is highly non-technical. Because their profit margins are lower, it generally means they haven’t developed the ambition enough to take a risk and invest in SEO, or have never even heard of the term.

There are only a few truly trained SEO companies in Wichita, which is great news for us, and you, if you decide to use our SEO/PPC service. In a place like New York City or Los Angeles, ranking a nail salon would be extremely hard and ranking a law firm would be like conquering a giant. In Wichita, KS, we can do 5x faster ranking and for 1/2 the cost due to our skill level.

So, what does it cost? Usually less than it would to hire a part time employee.

When Do I See Results?

If we can take the reigns on all your online advertising for you, including PPC, SEO and Google/Apple Maps, then you will see results almost immediately.

  • PPC brings results immediately after the campaign is initially setup
  • Google/Apple maps brings results usually within 1 month
  • SEO brings results in an average of 3 months

We would want to evaluate your business first, you might be surprised at some small things another SEO company, or yourself, didn’t realize was possible that could have a large effect on traffic and leads for your business.

Check out some of our SEO/PPC/Maps examples below…


Natural Search Engine Ranking

We’ve done Google ranking for natural search results, including search engines Yahoo and Bing, for over 7 years. There is an art and science to managing campaigns effectively and rising to the top of search.

There is a 500% difference in clicks and visitors from position number 3 to 1 in Google search

paid search campaigns

Google Map Listings & Review Management

Reviews are an ever important aspect of the visitors decision to buy. In 2013 the necessity for having reviews in the buying decision was about 30%, now reviews are likely more about 50% of the buying decision.

About 50% of all searches for a local business are done in Google maps

There is a science to getting and keeping good reviews that benefit the listing and help it get ranked. The business with a professional review management company staying on top of their map listings is the company most likely to be found first in search.

google map review management

Paid Search Campaigns

“I tried it and it doesn’t work.” or “It’s too expensive.” – We hear this all the time. The truth is, a paid search advertising campaign is guaranteed profit if you do it right. We make some of the best paid search advertising campaigns in the industry.

We have managed over 1,000 different business industries in over 7 languages worldwide. We know how to sell.

paid search engine ranking

SEO & PPC Ad Examples; Kansas Based Client

Here is an example of a paid search advertisement that we custom created along with the natural search ranking we achieved for a keyword that brings this client a lot of extra business.