How The Google Beacon Works

[title size=”2″]How The Google Beacon Works & What It Actually Is[/title]

To put it extremely short. It does a few things… activating it may put you ahead of others on future beta waiting lists.

It is also a device that you can put in your physical location and it will be visible on Google.

When a user is nearby, the beacon sends a signal to nearby mobile users that have location services on.

When they are in the vicinity of your beacon and search for certain things that are related to your business the chances of you appearing in the result is increased if they are near you it does not store customer information it only sends out a location-based signal.

You may also be able to send people who are near the location a certain webpage or notice that pops up on their phone, like suggesting an App of your own.

There is some text about it being used for a fleet of trucks and it looks pretty complicated, you may need an App programmer to help you. It looks like you’d be able to see all trucks when they are in range and where they are after they connect their phone to the beacon, but there is so much technical jargon I can’t make out the common sense version of the rest of it.

The signal on high (Emerald setting) can reach about 2.5 blocks. It takes just a minute to turn on and insert the beacon level thingy. Then you have to walk around it to calibrate it.


  • You can send people who are close to your stores or store webpages of your own that pop up, special notices or Apps of yours to “Get”.
  • It works for IOS & Android
  • You can see the vicinity of your customers and employees
  • People are more likely to see you first on a Google search near your place
  • It’s free, why not.

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