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How The Google Beacon Works

[title size="2"]How The Google Beacon Works & What It Actually Is[/title] To put it extremely short. It does a few things... activating it may put you ahead of others on future beta waiting lists. It is also a device that…
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Reporting A Fake Review

Reporting A Fake Review In Google Maps Fake reviews happen. Sometimes a competitor will make a fake review on your business, or an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, or just someone who thinks it's funny to go around leaving bad reviews. It…
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How To Delete A Google+ Business Page

[title size="2"]How To Delete A Google+ (Plus) Business Page[/title] Want to know how to delete a Google Plus business page? Maybe you got a notice saying once of the following things.. Your page has been blocked because it has been…
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Google Maps (Serviced Based Area)

Service Based vs. Location Based Businesses In Google Maps Should you list your business as a serviced based area or not in Google Maps? When setting up Google Maps, you are asked if your business serves customers at the address you have…
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Ranking In Google Maps

Most Of The Known Factors For Ranking In Google Maps Your physical address matching that on your website and local/national directories Having the right industry categories assigned to your business The number of reviews and quality of the review sources Having…
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