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We take an existing business and then get that business found in Google for specific keywords, nationally, internationally and locally.

Example: If you are an agriculture belt manufacturing company and want to come up #1 in Google when someone types in keywords that bring business, such as ‘baler belts‘, or ‘bulk baler belts‘, or ‘baler belt manufacturer‘.. we make that happen.  Over time, we build a business from being a smaller company with little online exposure to being a bigger company with great online exposure for every version and variation of the services offered, hence getting that business found #1 for eventually hundreds of keywords that bring new business and leads, along with national Google ranking for keywords like the ones above.

The joy of having inbound hot or warm lead calls versus having to hire salesmen to do cold calling, or doing it yourself… can’t be beat.

Example: You have a team cold calling companies and trying to sell them your services and get your name out there, you are doing blind mailers to industry targeted mailing lists and advertising in books or directories, or doing commercials and radio broadcasts… all of these require some guessing as to whether it will work and it all stops if you stop paying for it. With SEO (Google Ranking), you keep getting the results you have been getting, even if you stop paying, you own the traffic you receive to your website.

Just think about how much money and time you’ve put into sales when this whole time you could have ended up with a monster 200-500 page website that is found for thousands of keywords that people are typing into Google in order to find the services and products you are selling. They find YOU, instead of you spending your precious time and money trying to find them.

Why Google Ranking Is So Valuable

It’s residual. It’s yours. With cheap directories and sales services you have to keep paying to be listed, if you stop paying, it disappears. You don’t get to own it, you are locked into some contract that some salesperson sold you and it might not even be working and you’re paying for nothing until the contract ends.  Letting us build you into an industry authority website can bring leads and traffic for years, even after you stop payment or stop the service.

SEO (Google Ranking) is by far the best long term investment you can make for your business in today’s digital age.

Our office is located at 214 W Main, Harper, KS 67058 – See Map Below.

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Testimonials From Local Kansas Business Owners

Brett Cole owns an HVAC cleaning company in Wichita. After only 5 months, his leads and income had tripled as he suddenly was the #1 HVAC cleaning company in Google Maps and natural Google Search Results for dozens of best keywords people type to find his services. He has been a customer now since 2015.

Google Ranking Testimonial From Another Local Kansas Business Owner

An auto shop in North Wichita that does auto repair for Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and Lexus vehicles. They were a brand new shop, just opened, never owned a company before and went out on a limb to open their own shop, and in 6 months we were able to make them a new website in the first two weeks, and get them #1 in Google for all their keywords, including being #1 in Google Maps and #1 in Google PPC Advertising. Their monthly calls went up by over 900%. They have been a great customer since 2015 and have beat ALL their competitors, even the local Benz shop that existed for 10 years already.

Wichita Design & SEO Customers

We can do logos, branding and identity designs for anyone, but as a rule, we’ll only do Google ranking domination for ONE industry in each city. If we already have a customer in that industry ranking for that city, we do not do cross competition.

We do advertising and SEO for companies all over the USA and some international but we love local business.

Here are some of our past customers in Harper County & Anthony and around Kansas.

  • GP Solutions
  • GM Systems Inc
  • Mark & Paris The Shoppe
  • Rock Ridge Family Medicine
  • Brown Reclusinator
  • Quality Cleaning Solutions
  • Advanced Window Tinting Solutions
  • Celco Electropolishing
  • Derby Overhead Garage Door Repair
  • Bedbuginator & Brown Reclusinator
  • Kansas Real Estate Inspections (Kansas REI)

Local Anthony & Harper Website Design & Google Ranking

We have been doing the Google ranking and website design for GM Systems and Celco Inc. in Anthony & Harper County for over 3 years. We’ve delivered hundreds of leads and new business customers to local businesses in Anthony, Harper and the Wichita, KS area.

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Other Advertising & Web Design Projects We Have Done Over Time

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