Wichita Google Ads PPC Management & Advertising Services

Creation of a masterful Google Ads account, including all extensions and in-depth research to make a sale driving, low costing, high converting PPC campaign that grows and is optimized over time as the website is built out.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads (or PPC, Pay-Per-Click Advertising) is where you pay for clicks to your website. So you enter into an auction against other people who want to be found for certain keywords in Google and the higher your bid amount for a specific keyword, the greater your chances of coming up to the top of Google for that keyword. There are many PPC management services available to businesses – see more at https://klientboost.com/ppc-management/.

If you have tried Google Ads PPC campaigns before and failed, or went with a company that couldn’t produce results, you’ve got to try it instead with us. A PPC campaign done well is guaranteed to produce a profit.

We have managed over 1,000 Google Ad campaigns for over 500 different business industries, in monthly spending amounts from $400 to over $100,000, and currently do the Google Ads PPC campaigns for a variety of different business industries in Wichita and the surrounding areas with immense success.

Client Success Examples

  • Pest Control Company – A PPC campaign in Wichita for a pest control company doubled the income of the company within months of launch; after one year the owner’s wife was able to quit her job, the company bought new vehicles and expanded its operation and sales.
  • Global Supplements Company – In the first month through PPC, we were able to cut spend by over 50%, reducing the monthly spending amount in Google PPC campaigns by over $50,000, with a higher conversion ratio (percent of visitors who turned into sales after clicking the ad).
  • Auto Glass Repair – We were able to reduce the cost-per-lead by 300% over the course of a year, with a conversion ratio that went from under 5% to over 17%.
  • Machine Factory – In the first 6 months, we were able to drastically increase the lead quality and reduced the cost per lead by over 500%, after 2 years, the company is making more than double the sales it used to solely from Google Ads – they have been able to hire new people and are building a new facility to accommodate.

How Do Google Ads PPC Work?

There is a lot more to it then just saying “I want to pay $4 per click for “Wichita Pet Store” to show up #1, but below is a simple example of a real-life scenario.

Real Life PPC Example

You are an auto window repair business in Wichita, your average order brings a profit of $150. With a good PPC campaign and organized PPC management, we can intelligently place ads that cost you about $1.50 per click, and after the campaign is complete, put you at the top of Google on the first page overnight. 20 people click the ad, you get 4 leads (form submissions or calls) and 1 person buys. $1.50 x 20 = $30.00 – So you paid $30 to make $150. 20% of your profit goes into advertising. (FYI: the average business puts about 30% profit back into their advertising efforts).

With intelligent psychology and techniques developed over a decade of experience and over 1,000 campaigns being managed, we know almost all the tricks and we make some of the best PPC campaigns in Wichita. We love helping people succeed and we’re in it for the success stories we get to hear.

What Do Google Ads Involve?

  • Create Google Ads PPC account
  • Research the industry, competitors and new ideas
  • Create micro categories and keyword lists for each category
  • Create targeted ads for each category of keywords
  • Research negative keywords for each category
  • Create multiple variations of ad tests for every category
  • Research locations & areas of service
  • Setup billing
  • Research & Setup where applicable: site links, phone call extensions, address extensions, product description extensions, price extensions, callout extensions, review extensions
  • Connect Google Ads to Google Search Console
  • Connect Google Ads to Google Analytics
  • Setup call and form tracking; install code on the website

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

It depends. If you are a pet store advertising in Wichita to people looking for a pet store, you might have a budget of $400 a month, which brings new visitors into your store who were looking for a pet store.

If you are a large law firm, where the profit margin is very high, advertising for ‘personal injury lawyer’ you might pay upwards of $20+ per click to your website; which would in turn lead to new leads and sales.

We Have PPC Spend Amounts Specific To Your Industry

We have compiled data on average costs per industry for over 500 different business industries, everything from auto repair, to awning and gutter cleaning, to biohazard cleaning, contractors of all types, and law firms. We can tell you what the average business in your industry is paying and you can see how that compares to what you are currently doing or if that sounds like you will profit from Google PPC with your current pricing structure.

Bing PPC Account

We can import and modify the data from the campaigns in Google Ads using excel to implement it into Bing PPC campaigns with minimal effort. In Wichita, there are actually more people using Bing as a search engine than other states or cities, we see it in the analytics reports. Even though Bing has a very small share of the market, many older people (which include business owners with big companies) use Bing because maybe it came as the default on their computer and they just never change it. Bing, for some businesses, can bring an extra 1-5% in sales, depending on the industry.

We include setting up Bing for all Google Ads campaign accounts.

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