Facebook advertising service

We make masterful Facebook advertising campaigns that get a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods and we are able to be super specific on targeting the right audience.

Social media marketing, like Facebook or Instagram, is not easy to keep up with. It is different than traditional advertising or marketing and takes a unique approach. You have to post once or twice a day, make sure your posts are interesting, educational, funny, or inspirational… and at the perfect timing for your targeted audience.

If you miss a few days it’s easy to lose a lot of the audience you worked hard to build up, and the audience disappears quickly.

What Should Facebook Posts Have In Them To Be Effective?

  • Be interactive, fun & helpful; when writing content & posts, follow these guidelines
    • It’s absolutely hilarious
    • It’s incredible or unbelievable (controversy)
    • It’s deeply emotional
    • It agrees with our worldview
    • It makes people stop and think
    • It isn’t covered by mainstream media
    • It will make someone smile
    • It’s dramatic
    • It’s embarrassing
    • It’s seductive 
    • It touches on an immediate emotional or physical need
    • It’s extremely insightful & educational

Fun Facebook Advertising & General Statistics

  • Business to consumer B2C results are 30% higher on Sundays
  • Tweets last up to 67% higher for people with higher Klout scores (http://klout.com/home)
  • 33% of people would rather text conversations than talk on the phone
  • The best day for business-related posts is Tuesday
  • The biggest reach time throughout the week is Wednesday at 3 pm
  • The average Facebook user has 130 friends
  • 64% of people stream video while at work
  • It takes seeing an Ad 9 times on average before it reaches visitor memory retention
  • The two best images to have for maximum results are our brand logo and a pretty girls face, smiling and facing forward (cute/hot)
  • Only about 10% of Facebook users live in the US
  • The average person spends about 45 minutes on Facebook each day
  • 18% of businesses worldwide are advertising on Facebook
  • Facebook advertising spend per advertisement has gone up about 122% since 2019
  • 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile
  • Videos are about 11% of all posts

Facebook Advertising Tips

  • Create a page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php 
  • Facebook stops showing an ad if the CTR drops below .01 in the first 2 hours
  • The CPC is determined by the CTR, the higher the CTR, the lower price we pay
  • Start advertising ads at the most receptive time & day for Facebook usage in the location/country we are targeting. Normally at 3pm on Wednesday.
  • Start campaigns at CPC to get costs down and CTR up, then switch to CPM
  • Mobile friendly generates the best return
  • Do NOT use autoplay sound; 85% of Facebook visitors prefer to browse in silence

Unless you are willing to invest the time and energy required to maintain and grow an audience, it’s not worth it to waste your time even trying.

That, or pay someone else to do it.




Facebook Advertising Statistics and Trends [Infographic]