This is for Wichita and the surrounding area based businesses

No salesman, no cheesy sales tactics. High-quality work at affordable and fair prices. Our design style is upper-class professional and our SEO/PPC work is top-notch.

As far as our local competition here in Wichita, our prices are extremely competitive.  Most of the bigger (by size) companies you in Wichita you are also paying for the salesman’s commission, the building lease fees, the equipment, an accountant, and all the other things that go into overhead fees.

Here, you got none of that, we can undercut our competition by around 50%, usually, or more. (when comparing the high-quality companies)

We don’t leave cracks unfilled and care about the finer details, we stay up to date with the latest SEO & Advertising trends and tactics that work best to convert visitors into sales online. We build intelligent, mobile-friendly websites and actually research the industry and competitors before we begin a project.

We think long term, and our products and services have a long term success rate and long shelf life in mind.

What You Would Get

Full custom website, site speed above 90 in mobile and desktop guaranteed, logo, stationary, shirts and gear, all content writing and social media banners and profiles, all business directories; PPC, display and remarketing campaigns + branding and office photography; all small, medium and large cities in the target metro area; contract/proposal design and writing.

  • Premium Logo Design – New age, built for branding and longevity
  • Premium Custom Website Design – New premium custom website design; designed to be mobile perfect
  • Content Writing – All the content writing; done with SEO and Persuasion from an experienced sales and sales psychology writer
  • Website Load Speed – Best-class mobile and desktop website speed optimization; get an above 90 GT Metrix score
  • Google Map Domination – We have a secret way of dominating maps in a very short amount of time; 50% of most local business leads will come from maps. We can take new business and raise them above others in the area that has been in business for years or decades.
  • Google Paid Advertising – Masterful PPC Google Ads & Bing Google Ads campaigns, we design the best ads, with ALL the proper extensions and new tactics, we do micro targets, high converting PPC campaigns with lead and call tracking and reporting. A PPC account done well, cannot fail.
  • Google Remarketing – Premium custom design for all 16 sizes for display and remarketing advertising in Google; remarketing is where you tag the people on your site and then they see your ads everywhere they go, it’s very inexpensive and very effective.
  • Stationery Designs – Business cards, referral cards, Google review request cards, even T-shirt, mug, hat, and other accessories designs
  • Vehicle Wrap – Professional design for your specific vehicle or fleet cars
  • Social Media Design & Setup – Professional design of covers, icons and setup and connectivity of social media accounts like Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (there are over 300+ social accounts that actually exist, some might be specific to your industry, and you don’t even know it
  • Directory Setup – Setup of all the top business directories, there are about 75 top valuable directories you must get in; and over 500 more that have different values

Is It All Worth It?

Definitely. If you own a business and you require leads or sales to keep your business going and grow it. Then investing in a good online advertising strategy and company is, in our opinion, better and safer than investing in the stock market.

How Long Until It Pays Off?

If you are helping us do what we need to make you successful, and taking or letting us make the suggestions we have; then the SEO and Google Map Domination is usually paying for itself within 1-3 months. Probably about 85% of clients are pretty happy by month 3.

Paying for itself means that the extra income or profit you are earning is covering the cost of the monthly SEO.

Some industries are harder than others, depends on your budget as well. A family doctor, for example, is much harder than a personal training studio, etc.