Wichita Custom Mobile Website & Landing Page Design

We do some of the best mobile landing page designs for Wichita and Kansas based businesses.

This isn’t just an automatic resizing of the website (responsive); this is a real custom mobile website, specifically designed for mobile phones and made to fit perfect on iphones (80% of mobile searches are iphones).

  • Research competition mobile websites
  • Implement psychology of colors
  • Use appropriate spacing for various thumb scrolling and touch button sizes
  • Simple, clean, professional design
  • Masterful wordsmithing for content writing that is designed to persuade and subconsciously convince people to take action
  • 2-Step Contact Funnel Form creating – the BEST way to get a high conversion rate of visitors into leads from mobile devices is using a 2-Step funnel form.
  • Form submission with separate tracking setup in Google Analytics to track mobile lead vs desktop leads
  • Click to call & text buttons
  • Set code to prefer the mobile version over desktop for mobile phone and tablet users
  • Implementation of mobile design onto server
  • Implementation of mobile landing page in Google Ads

We are the #1 Google Ranking company in Wichita, KS and we design some of the best mobile landing pages and online sales funnels for e-commerce and service based lead generation websites there is. We’ve spent millions of dollars in testing over the past decade and keep up to date with all the latest trends in advertising and conversion rate optimization.

We Only Create 2 Step Mobile Landing Pages – They Work Best