How The Google Beacon Works

How The Google Beacon Works & What It Actually Is
To put it extremely short. It does a few things… activating it may put you ahead of others on future beta waiting lists.

It is also a device that you can put in your physical location and it will be visible on […]

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Why SEO Work Is An Upfront Payment

Why SEO Work Is An Upfront Payment
SEO is a detailed process that takes a lot of time to complete. The work cannot be just ‘retracted’ since it involves dealing with a lot of accounts belonging to clients and a lot of moving parts. There might be 50 to 100 changes […]

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Wichita Bail Bonds Company

The Best Wichita Bail Bonds Company
I want to recommend an awesome company that is one of my clients but also a friend. Ryan, from A Second Chance Bail Bonds in Wichita. Hopefully you don’t ever need it but if you do, they are the nicest bail bonds company in Wichita.

Real […]

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SEO, PPC, Design & Writing Tools List

BIG List of SEO & Online Advertising Tools I Use Almost Every Day
Thought it would be nice to share the tools and resources I use as a Writer/Adwords/PPC/SEO & Local Map ranking specialist… if you have something cool to share, share it!


Google PPC Adwords (866-246-6453)

Google Analytics (877-355-5787; need PIN)

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Map […]

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Biggest Time Wasting Activities

This isn’t just about the biggest time wasting activities at work, it’s about the biggest time wasting activities in life. We do so many little things that keep us from the bigger picture, keep us from our dreams just because they make us feel busy.

In truth it is the little […]

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