Logo Design For Construction Company


Logo Design For A Construction Company

We went through 4 different designs before finding one that fit with the company and was simple, clean and professional. Always nice to see the logo in action ‘after the design’.

Holley Development Corporation is a full service commercial and residential home building and construction company in the Panama City, FL area. They are licensed with Home Depot and one of the top Panama City general contractors since the hurricane hit the area.

Their offices and contact information is:



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Microsoft Excel & Word vs Google Sheets & Docs

Using Microsoft Excel & Word vs Google Sheets & Docs
Was trying to work with a giant tech company on SEO and they are still use Excel and MS Word with a database server that you have to manually ‘check in’ a document, edit it, suggest changes, make changes… and then […]

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The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors

The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors
In total, there are about 15 factors that determine a map listings ranking, here are the top 5 main points…

Distance from pindrop location (if you chose not to show your address, that can make a less desirable difference)
Quantity & quality of reviews […]

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Social Media & Google Analytics

How To Tell If Your Social Media Effort Is Working Using Google Analytics Data

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When Someone Doesn’t Listen

When Someone Doesn’t Listen To Or Do Anything You Have To Say Right
You’ve no doubt had a point in your life when someone told you what to do, and you did it wrong, and you got scolded for it, right? We’ve almost had had someone want to throw their hands […]

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