Google Postcard Verification

Google Postcard Verification Timeline & Troubleshooting

How long does it take to get the Google postcard verification letter for Google My Business map listing verification?

Google states that it can be up to 14 days, generally.

  • Time: Postcards can now take up to 16 days
  • Shipping: via USA air mail

You get 3 chances to send a postcard before Google blocks the address, yikes.

After TWO WEEKS, which will be on Monday, if it hasn’t arrived, you may contact Google support:

Before contacting Google Support, make sure…

  • You entered the right address
  • It has been 14 days or more since you made the verification, or they won’t help you
  • The phone number you entered on the business page must be on your website if it is an additional location
  • Someone will be there to pick up the phone number on the listing to verify a PIN number, the address and/or phone number you are claiming

Using A Virtual Address For Google Maps

Sadly, so many people have taken advantage of and abused Google Maps by getting virtual addresses in locations that they don’t actually have physical access to or are located in, that Google has laid the smack down on Virtual Addresses.

Google has a known database of virtual address locations and it grows every day. Chances are if you didn’t get a postcard that Google denied your verification request and never gave you notice.

Future Verification For Google Maps

In the future, Google may require a picture of your building or office front with the signage of the office in it, along with making sure your address and business name match the address and business name on your tax records.


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