SEO Results After 1 Year Of Service

seo after 1 year

[title size=”2″]SEO Results After 1 Year Of Service[/title]

I’m not releasing any client names or the types of business, but here are some real life screenshots of the organic traffic from SEO results after 1 year of SEO service.

It greatly depends on what you are paying and who you are paying it to. Many SEO companies are (sad to say it but it’s true), crooks. They rely on the number of clients and eventually get clients who never ask questions and just keep paying their monthly contract bill, not noticing that they aren’t getting any results.

Below is what real long term SEO results look like from many different local business industries.

Based on what you are paying for, it can be faster or more steady, but once you have those results… unlike normal forms of advertising where once you stop paying, it’s over…. this keeps on going if you stop.

  • Newspapers? You stop paying and you stop getting calls.
  • Door Hangers & Flyers? Once you stop paying, it’s over.
  • Newsletters? If you don’t send them, the people stop calling.
  • Commercials? Once you stop the payments, the people stop contacting you.


seo after one year result


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