Local SEO With Google Maps For 2019

local seo guides for 2019

[title size=”2″]A Complete Guide On Local SEO With Google Maps For 2019[/title]

Below are a group of great links from Brightlocal.com, a nationally recognized Local SEO software company that I have used in the past. The software is great; the information they produce is wonderful as well, filled with legitimate tests and real educational value.

If you are trying to rank your business yourself or are an agency looking for the latest new information and statistics, these are some great articles to read.

[title size=”2″]Some Local Google Map Tips From Me[/title]

  • www.Yext.com – You gotta sign up and get your business listed here, you just have to, they control 75% of the top business directories online; you can negotiate down to $400 for the year and then simply don’t renew after you have submitted your information the first time, it won’t go away
  • Make sure your business Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) are always exactly matching your Google Maps location information, anywhere you promote it on the web
  • Get your NAP listed in as many places online as you can, the more the better; try to get it on big traffic and high authority websites
  • Get as many reviews as you can, nd do your best to make sure they are detailed about the service they received
  • 5 stars and no comments counts as 4.5 stars; be sure to get people to leave comments
  • Customers can now upload pictures; take professional pictures and send them to customers to upload themselves with their review
  • DO NOT BUY FAKE REVIEWS – You WILL get busted
  • You can upload over 25 pictures, pictures sell and businesses with more pictures get seen more
  • Make sure you have selected the right category for your business
  • A profile picture (cover photo) of a person converts better than a logo, object or scenery (people want to know who they are buying from, it’s important to have a team page and happy trustworthy smiling photograph face to the company)

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