Do What You Do Best & Let Others Do The Rest – The Value of Teamwork

connecting with other people who specialize in their work
Going over all my taxes and business document stuff and accounting etc… and I simply HATE it. I don’t enjoy it, I don’t want to do it and I just want someone else to do it. Someone that knows the hell they are doing at a senior level so I know I am getting taken care of legitimately and is on top of things and new tricks of the trade etc…
And I’m like… I bet this is exactly how my clients feel about my own services. Most of them love what they do, but they HATE advertising, it’s not their field of expertise, they know they need to do it, do not enjoy doing it themselves, and just want someone else that knows how to do it for them so they don’t have to.
Lucky for me, I have a tax guy who is the shit, he stays on top of the game, takes care of me so I don’t have to ‘think’ or ‘worry’ about it and I know that he knows what the hell he is doing. So I simply trust him to do whatever is in my best interests. If he tells me “we need to do this now…” I simply agree and ask him what he needs from me to make it happen. And he keeps it simple enough for me to not hate what I have to do.
And that is exactly how I try my best to treat the clients I have when it comes to advertising. I stay on my game, keep up to date with new techniques and tricks of the trade. My clients know (I hope) that I have their best interests at heart and I am going to do what is best for their lead generation and advertising effort. If there is something new, almost all of them agree to anything I tell them we need to adopt or let go of, and it just makes life that much easier for everyone.
Nothing gets you to your goal faster or better than a well-oiled machine-like web of support from other people who specialize in the things that you do not.

I’ll Just Do It All Myself, It Will Be Cheaper

Wow, nothing ever held me back in life more than that statement “I’ll just do it myself”.  Unless it’s your hobby or your actual job, then doing it yourself DOES NOT WORK for your long-term success. Every second, minute, or hour of your life that you give up doing something you have to do that IS NOT FUN for you, is just time taken away from your ultimate success.
The only way to come closer to being the best version of yourself you can be is by delegating your time.
Placing value on your time.

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