When You Hire Someone With Less Experience Because They Were “Cheaper”

I worked with the client for 7 years, love the company and the owner is a good man delivering high quality service and he has one of the best retention rates for employees I have ever seen, especially for their industry; and it’s because he is an amazing CEO.

They decided that it might be more beneficial to hire an in-house person to get more and faster results at a cheaper price. (I’m $100/hr and in-house guy is more like $20/hr) so the client is rationally thinking 5x the effort for 5x less cost.

SEO Experience Makes A Major Difference

I supported their decision and didn’t fight it, even though if I had to bet on it, I would have betted on this happening. And it happened exactly as I thought it would.

  • 37% drop in organic traffic
  • 40% drop in conversion rate and online form leads
  • Main rankings have dropped down now from page 2 to page 3
when the client hires someone cheaper
when the client hires someone cheaper 3
when the client hires someone cheaper 2

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