My Recent Shoulder Injury

wichita physcial therapist

I recently had my own tiff with the weights at the gym and had to go to a physical therapist due to the fact I couldn’t even lift a milk jug without sharp pain. Turns out I had injured the tendon in my shoulder, unfortunately, I waited too long to go to a physical therapist and ended up having a shoulder issue for 6 months before it healed.

If you want to avoid shoulder issues in the future yourself or are having pain somewhere and just letting it slide without treatment, I’d recommend you go to Wichita Physical Therapy Group on 21st & Greenwich Rd area in Wichita. I went in, and these guys became my clients. Wonderful group of people, who really care about others and it shows.

3D Motion Lab (Powered by DARI)

2146 N Collective Ln Ste 114
Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 358-9942


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