Get Reviews For Your Business

[title size=”2″]How Do You Get Reviews For Your Business?[/title]

In this article you will see a list of review sites, learn how review systems work and get ideas for how to generate reviews from your customers about your business.

[title size=”2″]List Of Top Business Review Websites[/title]

[title size=”2″]Why Are Reviews Important?[/title]

Google themselves have come and and in 2013 stated that reviews are about 30% of the buying decision, that number has no doubt grown, especially with the boom of the Google map system and local search.

  • People are 95% more likely to use your business if you are the only one with 3 stars or more
  • Below 3 stars and it’s enough to change the mind of someone who already decided to buy
  • About 50% of people now use Google maps when search for local businesses
  • The buying decision is based 30% upon the reviews of other people

[title size=”2″]How Do Reviews Work?[/title]

Google and Yelp share the same complicated review system, your initial thought is to have a bunch of friends make fake reviews or make some fake ones yourself from your own account(s).

That’s not going to work.

The system can track where the reviews came from, who made them, what physical location the review was made in (aka, trying to cheat by having a room full people make reviews from their phones in the same room at the same time… won’t work).

The system has become so intelligently complex that the only way to truly get good reviews as a business owner, is to deliver great service and ask people to review you after, making it legitimate.

[title size=”2″]Use a Professional Service To Manage Your Reviews[/title]

You’ll never manage those reviews on your own, managing reviews and doing it right so that the reviews come out on top of the competition in Google or Bing search, and in the search engines, takes skill, experience and knowledge to do it right.

Review management has become part of enterprise SEO plans because in order to dominate an industry, you have to know how to


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