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[title size=”2″]Thomas Kane In Kansas Acquires Residual Rank Domain Name[/title]

After two years of it’s creation, a lot of hard work, research, writing and delivering results for it’s clients, Thomas Kane has acquired full rights to use and own Residual Rank Domain Name and Website. Residual Rank as a company LLC was forfeited in June of 2016 by it’s previous owner.

As of October 12th, 2016, the www.residualrank.com domain and it’s associated graphics, content and intellectural property now belongs to…

  • Thomas Kane, Kane Corp.
  • DBA Residual Rank
  • 3105 W Central Ave #146, Wichita, KS 67214

“Thomas Kane has been given the rights to the website and domain name to  hereby irrevocably sell, assign, transfer and own all right, title, interest, and goodwill in or associated with the Domain Names together with all common law trademark and service mark rights, copyrights or other intellectual property or proprietary rights, either direct or derived from the Domain Name and which are based on or related to the Domain Name(s).”

“I originally got into a large business as an owner in Arizona not knowing what I was doing at all for the business aspect, and it fell hard when it got big. This time I can start off right and it’s very exciting as I spent two years building this website and doing my best to help it’s customers, and now that it is under my control, I can deliver better results for Wichita businesses at a more rapid, but still high quality, rate.” – Thomas Kane

Starting A New Business In Kansas

Check out some of the links from the Kansas Department Of Administration if you need help getting started and doing everything right in your own business in Kansas…



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