Main Qualities Of A Long Term Successful Business

long term business success

Main Qualities Of A Long Term Successful Business

Below is an ultimate checklist to achieving a high conversion rate for your website and for the long term success of your business. The more you take from and apply from this list, the greater your chances of success in business are.

Ultimate, people buy from people. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, people would rather buy from an organization with a face than a faceless organization.

If you put two business websites side by side with all the same graphics and design, but the only difference is that one website has a TEAM page with happy smiling staff pictures and 2-3 sentence bio’s and the other doesn’t… the website with the TEAM page WILL convert more visitors into sales.

It is a fact that the more successful a person is, the more of a long term thinker they are. The most successful people think “what is this worth and how will my decisions today affect me 5-10 years from now?” – the least successful people think “what’s this going to cost me right now and does it have immediate results?”

Importance Of Personal Appearance

  • A Real Smile
  • A Firm Handshake
  • Dress Equally To The Person You Are Dealing With
  • Eye Contact
  • Short, Confident Answers To Questions

The Great List Of Website & Business Conversion Rate Factors

  • Proximity is the key to personal connection, in business and personal relationships
  • Don’t hide from your hobbies, embrace them, mention them; you find people you relate to, which is good for good business relationships
  • Find shared interests with other people as soon as you can; sports, hobbies, TV, movies, sailing, etc…
  • Listen to people, don’t interrupt… let people have their say
  • Show knowledge and competence
  • Avoid stuttering, remove ‘uh’ and ‘um’ from your vocabulary
  • Have an immediate response, and respond to everyone
  • Don’t condone bullshit just because you hope it leads to a good end
  • Always include after-product maintenance and support
  • 6 sentence Email
  • 60-second video
  • Tell & use real stories whenever possible; on your website, in videos and in-person
  • Use famous quotes
  • Clearly state the company’s goals – Everyone knows there IS something in it for you, do not be afraid to mention what that is, be transparent
  • Create a checklist for work to be done and have it reviewed by you or someone else
  • Find out what the competition is doing and add it to our list of services
  • Create a desire to belong to a group; make your company or idea something believe will believe in and follow, have large goals
  • Identify with your target audience (honesty, integrity and fair deals and fair prices)
  • Have a F.A.Q. section
  • Show people that they have some control after they get the product or service offering
  • Respond fast
  • Show pictures of yourself immersed in your target markets community and lifestyle; engage with the community
  • 10 slide presentation, 30+ font size OR a 60-second INtro video that is professionally done stating who, what, when, why, where, and how your organization came into being.
  • Repeat the important messages; repetition is actually great – many people think to have a seal or award on the website
  • Arrive early
  • Underpromise and over-deliver, set goals you know you can deliver in 80% of the time or less
  • New website content every 3 days; to be a leading company, new website content should be produced every 3 days; either by a F.A.Q. question and answer, a news article or an award or certificate or company announcement
  • Always have an about page; include pictures of the company owners and staff, and personal Bio’s
  • Always introduce the owner and the team; people want to see a face, not a faceless organization
  • Support the local community; sponsor events – create unity with the employees and the company cause
  • Set company goals and make everyone a part of it
  • Social proof; make sure you are in social media accounts (check out www.knowem.com) – and have lots of positive ratings
  • Google Maps – reviews from Google maps might be up to 30% or more of a buyers decision-making process; you MUST have a Google Map listings with positive reviews
  • Images are more powerful than words – show people doing business deals and handshakes
  • Make use of a show research studies
  • Have an affiliate or referral plan
  • Have strategic partnerships – For example; an Auto Repair Shop that refers people to an Auto Body Shop and an Auto Detail Service as leads for a commission or a home window tinting company that sends its auto tinting leads to an auto tinting company.

Proper Email Structure

Keep emails under 6 sentences…

  1. – Why you are contacting them, be personable
  2. – Who you are
  3. – What your cause is
  4. – What you want
  5. – Why they should help you
  6. – What the next step is


I’m contacting you because I met you at one point either at a conference or seminar and I had your email on a business card. My name is Thomas J Kane and I’m a leading expert on SEO and conversation rate psychology. I moved to the Philippine Islands to create an advanced web design and Google domination solution for American businesses that is ridiculously inexpensive but still high quality and effective and I’ve done it.

We’ve now had over 20 successful cases with our product. Please take 60 seconds to review the details or at the least please leave us a comment on what we can do to improve it based on what you see.

Fewer clients, more personal attention. No automated systems yet still inexpensive and effective.

Below is my personal contact information.

Identifying Key People In Business & Personal Relationships

Identifying who your key people are – who calls you just to see how you are doing? – who seems to always be taking from the table but never adding to it?

The Short List Of The Top 5 Success Necessities

  • Create need
  • Make it cost-effective
  • Make fast delivery
  • Show a desire to help
  • Inspire trust

Success Books You Should Read

  • Click: The Magic Of Instant Connections
  • Steven Pinker: The Stuff Of Thought
  • The Frog And The Prince, Secrets Of Positive Networking
  • Delivering Happiness; A Path To Passion, Profits And Purpose
  • Mensch; Become The Kind Of Person That Others Want To Follow
  • Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion
  • Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Persuasive
  • Sources Of Power: How People Make Decisions
  • The Power To Persuade
  • The Nine Best Story Lines For Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing; An Hour A Day

Don’t Give Up The Goal For The Tiny Details

I’ve seen so many people get so involved with the details of ‘how their website looks’, that they lose complete track of the ultimate goal, which was ‘getting more business’. Sometimes simplicity is best. A beautiful design does not equal sales if no one is visiting your website. Throw the form and phone number out there, and often. Don’t trade obviously for ‘pretty’.

Would you rather have an ugly shop in the center of town or a beautiful palace in the middle of the country that no one can find?


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