Help For Homeless In Wichita

homeless in wichita

I was homeless when I was 23, lost without a job, a phone, and sleeping in a park. You can read my story here:


It’s not as hard to escape homelessness as you think, and there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed if you made mistakes in life and need to rebuild. I have had to rebuild twice.


If you find yourself homeless and helpless in Wichita, KS, here are some documents that will help you get your life back together.


Free Internet At The Library


You can access free internet here: at the Wichita Public Library on Seneca & Sycamore, you do not need an ID to get in.


The process of getting your birth certificate and social security card literally takes less than 10 minutes.

Follow these 3 little steps to get your Identification in order:


  1. – Get social security card, you only have to answer questions online, a card arrives in 7 days
  2. – Get birth certificate, answer questions online, a card arrives in 3-5 days
  3. Renew license – – this is new, you can now do it online if you have the above document


Donating Plasma For Money


When I was homeless at 23, donating my plasma until I got a job and a first paycheck was what gave me the ability to be still able to buy enough food not to feel like I was starving.  Once you get your first ID, you can donate plasma here every 3 days for about $30 a pop: on Central & Cleveland St.


Housing Shelters & Meals For The Homeless in Wichita

*Below is a list of all the places you can call for shelter and a place to sleep, there are places all over Wichita, and it’s easy.

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2nd Chance Industries in Wichita

2nd Chance Industries is an organization I work with that helps people turn their lives around for the better. They have helped over 100,000 people now in Wichita over the last 10 years either get out of jail and stay out, find jobs, get housing, get off drugs, or alcohol and start new and better lives for themselves.


2nd chance living wichita ks housing help


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