How Often To Blog

how often you should blog

How Often Should You Should Blog On Your Business Website

Thomas Kane – Senior SEO, CRO, PPC & International Expansion Expert

Ideally, you should be making a blog post every 3 days to stay a leader; or 10 blog posts per month – whether it be about the news, a local event, a company award or celebration or just advice on an F.A.Q. question (which are the best for SEO and ranking authority).

  • 1 per day – Outstanding; Industry Leader
  • 3 per week – Still great; Still an Industry Leader
  • 3 per month – Still in the game
  • 1 per month – Falling behind the winners
  • 1 every three months – You might as well not even be blogging
  • 0 blog posts – In the age of digital advertising (now) your business IS going to fail

What Constitutes A Blog Post?

Here are the different kind of blog posts and their value on your ranking and Authority online.

  1. F.A.Q. Questions – Giving legendary answers to the common questions surrounding your product or service is #1 in Google ranking and online Authority, Trust & Credibility
  2. Advice – Giving advice for free about industry tactics, tricks of the trade and helpful ‘how to’ articles is #2 for building rank and credibility online
  3. News – Posting new news and using New Schema code for the text, and reporting new news surrounding your industry is helpful for Authority
  4. Awards & Certifications, Celebrations – Promoting awards, celebrations and certifications by making posts of out of them is helpful
  5. Shout-Outs – Recommending related products and services that can be used in conjunction with your own products and services and writing articles about it

Not making blog posts or additions to the website for months is bad, and not doing anything for years then you are just asking to be left in the dust.


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