Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning

branding strategy

Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning

You do not have a ‘brand’, until you have a name that people ‘buy into’.  A brand is when people are willing to pay extra to buy your offering over another, just because they love, trust and respect the value you have placed in their minds of your offering’s ‘brand name’.

Example Of Branding

Take Walt Disney, then strip it of it’s name, call it Chuck’s World, keep the same people, same products and services.  Would you still have the same sales, people, passion and desire surrounding your business? No.

A ‘brand’ comes from years of dedication to a cause, building trust, credibility and instilling inspiration into the hearts and minds of the people who have come across you and the offering you provide.

Developing a Unique Identifier

There is one line, a single 35-65 character sentence that can set you apart from every other service offering the same thing. I have this magical God gifted ability to find that one thing.

  • It is the thing that is so powerful a sentence that when people hear it they stop in their tracks and are ‘sold’ on the idea of you, your service or product.

The image, the logo, the curves and fonts and colors; all of them are deep psychological connections that instill your brand & dream into the hearts and minds of of your target audience.

Need Help With Determining Your Brand?

With a 3 hour consultation, I can help you determine your unique selling points and ‘brand’ image for your target audience. Consultations for brand image and unique identifier start at $900.00.

  • Without a brand image and unique selling factor, you are just another person offering another same service.

You are at the bottom of the barrel, with the crowd of other bottom feeders, waiting for the majority of customers who are just there to price shop and be a drain on your soul. There is nothing unique about you. Change that.




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