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Where Is The Google Keyword Planner

Where Is The Google Keyword Planner? What exactly happened to the Google Keyword Planner after the new Google Ads interface launch? It's no longer in the same spot in the Google Ads account. For over a month I thought it…
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How To Switch From Google Ads Express To Google Ads

[title size="2"]How To Switch From Google Ads Express To Google Ads[/title] There used to be a little 'switch to adwords' button, as of August, 2018 it is no longer there. You have to contact Google to make the switch. You…
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Review Source Is Ineligible – PPC

[title size="2"]Why Is Google Ads Saying "Review Source Is Ineligible"?[/title] You are trying to add a review source to the review extension in adwords so that your review shows up on your PPC ad, and it is giving you the…
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Making PPC Ads Better

[title size="2"]How To Make Killer PPC Ads[/title] Most business owners who do their own ads don't realize that there are different ways to place auction bids on keywords, or that keywords with these symbols (match types) around them, have a…
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Invalid Destination URL

Invalid Destination URL in Google Ads Editor Error Not able to upload your ads in Google Ads Editor? It is because adwords just did an update that eliminated the Dest. URL field and they have replaced it with Final URL…
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