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Looking for a company in Wichita, KS that does professional, intelligent logo design? Check out some of our awesome examples from other customers below. Everything from custom logo designs, to logo touch-ups and previews of your logo on handbags, t-shirts-, office spaces, hats, mugs and business cards.

Check out a recent logo in action, what it looks like on the car, truck, trailer, business signage and shirts.

Custom ‘New Age’ Logo Designs

Before you do anything, you should get the logo first.  The website and stationary and total feel of the business depends a lot on the look of the logo. Your logo is your brand mark, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We create clean, intelligent, fresh logo designs that are made with color psychology and actual intent, rather than just ‘making a logo’.

Did you know that Pepsi spent over $1,000,000 dollars to have their logo concept made? Logos are important.

Below are some examples of a design concept we were making for a senior care facility. We wanted something fresh, bright, professional and still friendly and welcoming so we used soft curves, bright earthly colors that say comfort but still keep the professional edge.

High End, Big Brand Looking Logos

These are mock up examples of creating a new logo for a homecare facility, so you can see some of the process we go through after an evaluation of the customer’s business goals.


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    See How Your Logo Looks In Real Life

    Below you can see some stationary items with the new logo design on it, to give a feel of what it will look like for your business in the future.

    BluMortgage-Overhead-Shot BluMortgage-folder

    See How Your Logo Looks In Real Life

    Here we did a logo for Lithium Laboratories, a US based company that creates futuristic power sources for use in military machinery. Included a business card preview so the customer could see what it looked like on a business card.

    Charcoal i-battery (1) Charcoal i-battery (2)

    Already Have A Logo?

    If you already have a logo, we can either keep that and create a new design that matches it, or spruce and older logo up just a bit so your brand is still recognizable and go from there. Below is an example where we took a Wichita accounting company’s personal style (western/equestrian/ranch) and  matched their existing logo to a website theme.

    home page preview -b4bookkeeping

    Logo Mockups On Office Spaces

    Here is a logo we did for an international online supplements retailer, including a mockup logo design in a workspace office.

    vita-shoppes-new-logo Display3Vita

    Logo Designs For ID Badges, Shirts, Handbags & Stationary

    Below are some concept designs based on a new custom logo for a professional medical marijuana magazine based out of Colorado for the legal medical MJ community…

    GTM (4) GTM (5) GTM (7) GTM (8) GTM (9) GTM (6) GTM (1)

    Logo Designs For Wichita Businesses

    We are local to Wichita, KS but can do design and even delivery of final products such as T-shirts, hats, mugs, handbags and water bottles upon request for bulk orders. Have a question? Contact us.