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Wichita Website Page Speed Load Time Optimization Service

Sites must have a minimum score of about 80 for desktop users and mobile users, you can use Google Page Speed Insights tool to determine the page speed of a website. Below is a guide and some tips and trick on how to manage and optimize page speed for a website. Or you could look at for services that provide speed optimisation and much more.

WEBSITE PAGE LOAD SPEED ONLINE TOOLS:–ud884 – free online course from Udacity (sponsored by google), this is one of the best online educational classrooms, and most of the beginner classes are free.

The Greatest Page Speed Test Ever – by Google

Other Website Page Speed Test Tools

Website Load Time & Page Speed Optimization (Mobile & Desktop)

Page speed is a ranking factor and conversion rate factor in a website. People are likely to leave a website if it takes more than 7 seconds to load, 4 seconds on average and through optimization a website can load in 1 second. If you are interested in finding out more about load testing and it’s features you could visit somewhere similar to for more information.

  • Compress text content
  • Minimize Javascript code sizes
  • Minimize CCS style scripts
  • Reorganize the loading of all scripts (optimize the critical rendering path)
  • Resize all images to hash-code
  • Test mobile and desktop versions for 90%+ page-speed score in Google Insights

WordPress Plugins For Website & Page Speed

Here is a great resource: