Full Pricing List

No salesman, no cheesy sales tactics. Simple pricing for high quality work at affordable and fair prices. Our design style is upper-class professional and our SEO/PPC work is top notch.

Price Time Estimate Notes
Design Items
Logo $600.00 3-7 Days Premium new age logo design, unlimited revisions
Business Cards $200.00 1 Days Premium business card design, front and back; includes multiple people within reason
Stationary $200.00 2 Days Letterhead, envelope, postcard, pen
Shirt $400.00 3 Days Awesome custom t-shirt/polo design
Trifold/Brochure $400.00 3 Days
Menu Design $600.00 3 Days
Top 4 Display Ads $200.00 4 Days Design for the top 4 popular ad sizes for display and remarketing advertising in Google
All 16 Display Ads $800.00 7 Days Design for all 16 sizes for display and remarketing advertising in Google
Social Media Headers $600.00 7 Days All the header images in all the right sizes for all the top social media sites; Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, Angel List, Linkedin, Foursquare
Homepage Banner $600.00 2 Days
“Ready to Go” Small Business Website $1,300.00 14 Days A premium pre-made responsive, mobile and desktop friendly wordpress theme fully made; includes logo design/revision, unlimited revisions, custom header image, form and up to 10 pages
Small E-Commerce Store $2,400.00 30 Days Small little stores under 100 products
Large E-Commerce Store $5,900.00 60 Days Stores with hundreds or thousands of products
Brand Identity Combo $2,800.00 10 Days Includes everything for small business startup; logo, biz cards, stationary, shirt, social media banners and small business website
Custom WordPress Design $4,000.00 30 Days Premium custom wordpress theme design, includes logo, unlimited revisions and total premium graphic design of all pages
Proposal Design $1,000.00 7 Days High end, sleek and intelligent proposal for contract work design
Content Writing & Wordsmithing
Single Service/Location Page $100.00 1 Hrs Writing a single page designed to sell a single service to to a single location
10 Location/Same Service Pages $875.00 10 Hrs Developing a directory for locations around the same service to target multiple locations; each page is unique from the other
Topic/FAQ Article $100.00 1 Hrs A premium single article covering a frequently asked question or topic
Brand Message Development $500.00 9 Hrs Developing the absolute best brand messaging and sell statements; unique identifier for the company
Brochure/Trifold Writing $250.00 5 Hrs
Menu Writing $1,000.00 12 Hrs Menu writing for a restaurant or salon; includes titles and descriptions of items
E-Commerce SEO (per product) $37.50
SEO Blueprint $1,000.00 3 Days A total plan for the navigation, site structure, content articles, services/sub-services and location targeting
Blog Writing For Links (per post) $12.50 Writing linked articles at free blogging websites
SEO Setup $300.00 Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools professional setup
Google, Bing & Apple Maps Setup $500.00 7 Days Professional setup, optimization and consulting on reaching target market and optimization practices, review coaching, trade secrets
15 Top Social Profiles $500.00 3 Days 15 top social profiles completely filled out manually and optimized and linked together
50 Top Social Profiles $1,000.00 7 Days 50 top social profiles completely filled out manually and optimized and linked together
100 Top Free Business Directories $1,000.00 7 Days 100 top free directories completely filled out manually and optimized
50 Top Free Business Directories $550.00 3 Days 50 top free directories completely filled out manually and optimized
300+ Custom Directories $2,500.00 30 Days Manual creation of business directories from researched competitor lists, all done with intelligent SEO and american, talented detail
PPC Campaigns
Small PPC Campaign Setup $1,000.00 Monthly
Large PPC Campaign Setup $2,000.00 Monthly
Small PPC Campaign Management $500.00 Monthly
Large PPC Campaign Management $1,000.00 Monthly
Display Advertising Campaign $500.00
Remarketing Campaign $500.00
Websit Speed Optimization $1,250.00 7 Days Optimize the critical rendering path, images, files, query strings and code to get a guaranteed above 90 score in Page Speed Insights
Office/Staff Photography $500.00
Branding Photography $500.00
Ultimate Online Advertising Package $22,000.00 Full custom website, site speed above 90 in mobile and desktop guaranteed, logo, stationary, shirts and gear, all content writing and social media banners and profiles, all business directories; PPC, display and remarketing campaigns + branding and office photography; all small, medium and large cities in the target metro area; contract/proposal design and writing