Office Assistant/Intern Position

Position: Intern/Office Assistant
Hours: Part Time (20 Hours/week)
Pay: $10/hr ($14/hr after 3 months)
Where: Wichita, KS | Anthony, KS
In Short: Everything from answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, answering emails, going to the bank, writing up contracts & proposals for customers, even small stuff like picking up clothes at the tailor.  Learn skills in advanced advertising, web design, link building, getting websites ranked in Google.

Learn more here in 3 months than you would from a 3 year college degree in marketing & advertising.

Agency Description

Residual Rank is a high end advertising & web design company located in Wichita, KS. We focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and web development.

Intern Responsibilities

You will assist in many of the following services…

  • Search Engine Optimization= Understanding what it is, how it can benefit businesses, and how to perform it properly to deliver results
  • Pay-Per-Click – Understanding what it is, the best tools to use, and how to implement a specific strategy
  • Web Development – Learn to develop WordPress websites/blogs, how to add content and make changes, and effectively write web content (blog and page content)
  • Time Management – The best steps to take to increase your changes of success, and how to analyze business ideas
  • Social Media – Understand that social media is more then what you do everyday and how to develop strategies to achieve a particular goal
  • Market Research – Learn how to effectively perform market research to make wiser decisions and creative ways to get feedback about products, services, etc.

Desired Skills

There isn’t a particular set of skills required to enjoy/benefit from this internship. However, having the following will be helpful in being selected:

  • A very sharp mind and determination
  • Passionate about marketing or advertising
  • Discipline to work independently by yourself when I am gone
  • Personable and outgoing, ridiculously positive can-do attitude
  • The most amazing sense of humor ever
  • Truly care about coming through for customers
  • Pleasant voice