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We do websites both big and small, which are designed to be mobile optimized, load in Android devices, I-phone devices, Tablets, and Desktops of all screen sizes without error.

September 7th, 2020 – Mobile phones now are an average of over 60% of a business’s traffic, having a website that is designed to be mobile optimized, I’m guessing that by next year, will be mandatory. 

Now is a great time to step in with a new business and actually have a chance of beating the existing competition in Wichita using local SEO tactics.

As long as you are still breathing, it’s never too late to start a new beginning. – Unknown

Wichita SEO Video Testimonials From Customers

Video testimonial from a local HVAC Cleaning and Commercial Window Tinting company in Wichita

We were able to triple the income of the business in 6 months through a new website optimized for mobile devices and through SEO & Map ranking, dominating the top results in Google maps and in natural search results for dozens of keywords that bring the company new calls and business.

An auto shop in North Wichita that does auto repair for Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and Lexus vehicles. 

They were a brand new shop, just opened, and in 6 months we were able to make them a new website in the first two weeks, and get them #1 in Google for all their keywords, including being #1 in Google maps and #1 in Google PPC advertising. 

Their monthly calls went up by over 900%.

Wichita Design & SEO Customers

We can do logos, branding, and identity designs for anyone, but as a rule, we’ll only do Google ranking domination for ONE industry in each city. If we already have a customer in that industry ranking for that city, we do not do cross competition.

We do advertising and SEO for companies all over the USA and some international but we love Wichita people and Wichita businesses.

Here are some of our past customers in Wichita that we have ranked #1

  • GP Solutions
  • Mark & Paris The Shoppe
  • Rock Ridge Family Medicine
  • Brown Reclusinator
  • Bedbuginator
  • Quality Cleaning Solutions
  • Advanced Window Tinting Solutions
  • Celco Electropolishing
  • Derby Overhead Garage Door Repair
  • Kansas Real Estate Inspections (Kansas REI)
  • 2nd Chance Bail Bonds
  • Western Painting
  • Big Fish Bail Bonds

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    Local SEO is a hard nut to crack. There can only be one #1 spot in Google for a business category in each industry. You won’t get to be #1 by doing the same old re-hashed junk that everyone else is doing.

    Services like web.com, wix.com or Yext and Yelp or Yellow Pages, that charge $300 per month or more, are just automated systems with no true personal service, there is no way you can expect to be truly successful on a service like that.

    Residual Rank was built by an industry leader in SEO for other company owners who also have the passion, intelligence, and drive to be industry leaders in their own industries.

    • No Contracts
    • Cancel Anytime
    • “Always Answer” Phone Policy
    • High Quality, Detailed Work
    • Long-Lasting Residual Results

    The only way to gain rank and profit from an SEO campaign in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas is to hire a top-rate company that cares about attention to detail and cares about you and your success.

    Most Common Industries That Do Well With Local Maps & SEO Service in Wichita

    Small Business Competitive or Large Business
    Mom n’ Pop Shops Law Firms
    Boutique Stores Jail Bondsman
    Auto Detailing Restaurants
    Hair Salons Hotels
    Singing Lessons Auto Repair
    Farmers Markets Furniture Store
    Interior Designer Auto Dealer
    Liquor Store (surprisingly easy) Home Remodeling
    Kids Parks Doctors Offices
    Smoke Shops Dental Offices
    Pet Stores Cosmetic Surgery
    Pawn Shops Laser Eye Care
    Parasailing Insurance
    Bridal Shop Self Storage

    Need help? Have questions? Call (316) 215-7344 – By Appointment Only

    We are available 24/7 and can answer any SEO or related question you have about advertising in the Wichita or Kansas area.

    We have had customers all over the globe and have combined 3 different companies to form Residual Rank in January of 2015 to give you the ultimate help in getting found in Google.

    Why It Is Important To Be In The Google Map Listings in Wichita

    In 2013, reviews were considered to be 30% of potential customers buying decisions. Today, not having a local map listing with positive reviews can tank a once-thriving local business. Read more about the importance of google maps here.

    Right now, just by getting found in the maps section of Apple, Bing, and mainly Google, there is a tremendous opportunity for new businesses to beat out the existing competition, even if the competition has been a leader in the area for some time. There is also a tremendous opportunity for fast growth. Now is the time to get found in Maps before it gets more complicated than it has already started to be.

    Wichita, KS SEO & Advertising Service - About The Founder

    seo office residual rank
    Specialized in international expansion with Google ranking. A PPC & SEO professional leader offering a 19+ year in-depth technology career distinguished by recognized performance and proven results in advertising for over 30 countries, up to 7 written languages, and over 1200 different business industries.

    “I worked for large companies like corporate Godaddy.com, manager of PPC/SEO at Biovea.com and owned the best SEO company in Arizona, having sold that to move to Wichita, KS to be closer to family. After one year, Residual Rank is now #1 for SEO in Wichita. Fewer clients, more personal attention. No cheap automated systems, no outsourcing. I believe in being of great value to others and through that success comes naturally.” – Thomas (View me on Linkedin)


    – Bing Advertising
    – Local Search (Maps) Expert
    – Google Ads Advertising
    – Google Ads Advertising Partner
    – Conversion Rate Optimization Expert
    – Persuasive Content Writing Expert
    – Massive E-Commerce PPC/Advertising/Marketing Management
    – Fast International Expansion
    – Coding in WordPress/CSS/HTML5

    “The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin

    We Are One Of The Best Design & SEO Ranking Companies in Wichita

    We create compelling website designs that GET LEADS. 

    There are a lot of factors that go into developing a quality website that gets leads instead of just ‘looks pretty’, sometimes what looks super simply is actually an intelligent work of art, designed from every shape, color, and pattern to create a psychological effect that is purposely designed to persuade people to see your point of view and agree with a decision, the decision to buy.

    Check out some of these website designs