Authority Ranking & Building

We do something that I call ‘Industry Authority Building’. It is a term we made up and it is a streamlined process of turning a company or person into an industry authority on their chosen subject, product or service.


  • You want to be seen across the web as a dignitary in fitness, or carpentry, or intelligence consulting. I create a massive system of websites and data, images and profiles, with words that are artfully designed to show up in a Google search for your service product or name.

These results, images and text can make you look like a leader in the financial world, the best carpenter in the world, have the world’s best nutritional supplement breakthrough, etc…

Never before have I seen anyone with the system that we have developed. – Residual Rank

I have had interns, and assistants and trained teams of people in an effort to try and duplicate my system and I have yet to find an assistant with a mind strategic enough to ‘get it’.

We live in a digital world, and what people know can be controlled more than ever. With enough intent and intelligence, we can change the world.

Your Investment

  • Our system takes 30 days, a minimum of 120 hours of time.

The Result

  • Anyone who researches you, your product or service will see it exactly as you dream it to be, which in turn inspires trust, credibility and an inspiration into the ‘buying decision’ into the idea of your product, service or offering.