Main Qualities Of A Long Term Successful Business

Below is an ultimate checklist to achieving a high conversion rate for your website and for the long term success of your business. The more you take from and apply from this list, the greater your chances of success in business are.

Ultimate, people buy from people. It doesn’t matter how […]

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How Often To Blog

How Often Should You Should Blog On Your Business Website

Thomas Stinson – Senior SEO, CRO, PPC & International Expansion Expert

Ideally, you should be making a blog post every 3 days to stay a leader; or 10 blog posts per month – whether it be about the news, a local event, […]

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Where Is The Google Keyword Planner

Where Is The Google Keyword Planner?
What exactly happened to the Google Keyword Planner after the new Google Ads interface launch? It’s no longer in the same spot in the Google Ads account.

For over a month I thought it was missing, couldn’t find it anywhere.

Finally, here it is:

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How To Switch From Google Ads Express To Google Ads

There used to be a little ‘switch to adwords’ button, as of August, 2018 it is no longer there. You have to contact Google to make the switch.

You can just call the Google Ads phone line: Only open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

Google Ads Phone Number: 1-877-509-4297 – (make sure to have your […]

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How Did That Website Get Your Email Address

Did a website you visited send you an email at your own email address after you visited the website, yet you never entered your email address?
Shared Cookies
Some websites share cookies, so if you visited a website a week ago and entered your email address on it and then a week […]

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